Coolie 苦力

Live Performance March 20, 2019. Matsumoto Art Center, 24th Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF 2019), Matsumoto, Japan.
Curated by Seiji Shimoda 霜田誠二
After visiting the Matsumoto Castle, the garden space of the castle permeated a sense of defensiveness, not only made me feel but further imagine the hard work, sweats of the workers and carefulness in construction at that time. I applied that very feeling at that moment to my performance, by using a sweat towel, small amount of gravels from the garden inside the castle, and a stone brick to compose this performance. I tried not to let the stone brick flipped over due to the height of the towel. This particular moment of action reflected a sense of caution and spirit in the construction of the castle.

Photography by Chiming Tseng 曾啓明