Anchi Lin [Ciwas Tahos] is a Taipei, Taiwan, raised and based new media and performance Artist of Atayal/ Itaṟal and Taiwanese Hō-ló descent. Ciwas's body-centred practice weaves Indigenous Atayal worldview through performance, moving image, cyberspace, ceramics and kinetic installation to claim a self-determined queer space. Following a BFA in Visual Art at Simon Fraser University (Canada), she will complete an MFA in New Media Art at Taipei National University of the Arts (Taiwan). Ciwas's work is an exploration of cultural and gender identity, using her body as a medium to trace their experiences with linguistic and cultural displacement and seek out new queer forms of understanding beyond the hetero-patriarchal status quo.

Ciwas has exhibited, presented and performed across countries, including recent artist residencies in Vietnam for Ba-Bau AIR, the Portland Institute For Contemporary Art, USA and the Kyoto Art Centre in Japan. Most recently, Ciwas was awarded the Biannual Prize of Pulima Art Award and represented Taiwan in Australia as the inaugural Artist for the Australia-Taiwan Friendship Year Arts Exchange Partnership for 2023. Ciwas will perform and exhibit work at the 2023 Arts Electronica Festival in Austria as well as the Taiwan Austronesian Art Triennial in Taiwan. They are also the guest curator for the second year, running the 2023 ADAM Artist Lab for the Taipei Performing Art Centre.

Recent notable exhibitions in 2022 featured Pswagi Temahahoi, which was concurrently exhibited at Documenta 15 in Germany and Indonesia, Solid Art Gallery in Taiwan and Lin’s solo show Finding Pathways to Temahahoi at Artspace Aotearoa Gallery in Aotearoa New Zealand. Pswagi Temahahoi is the most recent work from the ongoing project mgluw tuqiy na Temahahoi exploring the place of Temahahoi. Ciwas's writing on her practice related to this body of work was recently published in the Pacific Arts Journal. Temahahoi tells of a place where only women and gender non-conforming people live. The community can communicate with bees and become impregnated by wind. The work depicts Ciwas's journey into Atayal land, attempting to trace and record the path of the bees in the gap of light between the mountains' shadows alongside the creation of their ceramic ocarina. This instrument allows the queer indigenous community to connect through shared intimate moments of sound creation and the sharing of air to belong beyond the physical and find that queer place of Temahahoi.

Ciwas was also warded 1st Prize in the TNUA Genie Lab Art Competition for 2021. That year The Land in the Middle of the Pond was commissioned by the Green Island Human Rights Art Festival. The work employs different rituals to respond to a history of forced relocation, pollution, and disease experienced by the Qara Atayal community as they intertwine with the river — rituals such as tracing veins, carrying water from the reservoir, and exchanging names with plants serve as a bridge to permeate between individuals.

林安琪Ciwas Tahos是一位南投泰雅族和台北河洛人後裔、新媒體和行為藝術創作者。 Ciwas 以身體為中心的創作方式實踐一個自我決定的酷兒空間,同時透過行為、動態圖像、網絡空間、陶製樂器和動力裝置融合編織泰雅族世界觀在作品裡面。Ciwas在西門菲莎大學(加拿大)獲得視覺藝術學士學位後,她目前在攻讀國立台北藝術大學(台灣)新媒體藝術碩士學位。Ciwas的作品是對文化和性別認同的探索,利用她的身體作為媒介來追尋語言和文化上的位移經歷,並尋找超越異性父權現狀的新的酷兒理解形式。

Ciwas 曾在多個國家舉辦展覽和行為表演,包括近期駐村計畫:越南 Ba-Bau AIR、美國波特蘭當代藝術協會駐村和日本京都藝術中心。最近,Ciwas 獲得原住民當代藝術Pulima藝術獎之雙年獎,並代表台灣作為 2023 年澳大利亞-台灣友誼年藝術交流夥伴關係的首屆藝術家。Ciwas 將參與 2023 年奧地利林芝電子藝術節、以及台灣國際南島藝術三年展,她也是台北表演藝術中心 2023 年亞當藝術家實驗室第二年擔任客席策展人。