Moon。Cut 月亮。切

Live Performance March 11th, 2019. Atelier Q Art, 24th Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF 2019), Tokyo, Japan. Curated by Seiji Shimoda 霜田誠二
3月11日是星期一,而日本的星期ㄧ則稱「月曜日」 ,同時,當晚的月亮是月刀型狀,我突然想起,曾經在我生命中有一段不愉悅的成長過程,當時憂鬱的狀態是積極地用我的食指比著月亮,想像著耳朵會被月亮割掉,目的是想感受「痛」的感覺,這件行為作品重新敘述,我過往的一段情緒和當下的決心,剛好當天也是日本311地震紀念日,「痛」也再次被記憶勾取。

The date of this performance was on Monday, March 11. March 11 was the day of the Fukushima Earthquake in Japan, and mourning was triggered at large scale. In Japan, Monday is written as 'Moon Day'. The moon was in a crescent shape on that night. At this very moment, I suddenly remembered the darkness I encountered during times of mourning in my life. In Taiwanese culture, pointing at the moon is taboo; it's believed that your right ear would get cut off if such an action happened. In this performance, my index finger actively pointed against the paper on the wall, then walked back to the stamp pad placed on the floor. I put my ear on the stamp pad. I walked towards the paper again, then imprinted my right ear on the paper. The exact sequence of actions was repeated six times.  

Photography by Chiming Tseng 曾啓明