Perhaps, She Comes From/To ____ Alang

Performance and Concept: Anchi Lin [Ciwas Tahos] / Project assistant:
Julia Lin Kingham / Atayal language consultant: Apang Bway (劉芝芳) / Voice contributors: Apang Bway (劉芝芳), Yukan Maray (林孝緒), Yukan Masa (許雍) / Virtual technician: Wei-Hsuan Hung (洪偉瑄)

  • Double-channel HD Video, sound, colour, duration 11 mins 23 secs (looped), 2020


Perhaps, She Comes From/To ____ Alang weaves together three different narratives to re-examine queerness, gender, oral history, and displacement from land lost. The inspiration draws from the oral narrative that connects the relationship between bees and the land in the telling of the place of Temahahoi. This place, where only women and gender non-conforming people live, is fused with Ciwas's gender performance and affinity to their own quiet queer body in relation to the feeling of displacement and diaspora. A third story incorporated into the work tells of a historical incident from the Japanese colonial period Ciwas heard from elders in qalang Cinsbu (Atayal Cinsbu community) in Hsinchu, Taiwan, concerning brass pots gifted to the tribal community members by the colonizers that caused infertility amongst many Indigenous people. Continuing and combining these oral herstories, Ciwas responded to her deep desire to have a specific qalang landmark and 'sense of place', by creating a queer 'cultural landscape' as an online cloud space that is a virtual land in the space of the Internet. This project reflects Ciwas's desire to connect to their ancestral land (now a National park and threatened by landslides) to pin forward towards an Internet address (raxal mu – meaning my land) that uses the Internet space to expand cultural knowledge and queer connections beyond the soil and into the cloud.

* Alang or qalang means tribe or community in pan-Atayal language.

This work was supported by 2020 Pulima Art Festival - Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Foundation.

Live performance piece dependent on location

Two-channel video stills, 2020