Seeking Gender Identity in the Contexts of Atayal: An Art Project. Pacific Arts Journal. Author: Anchi Lin [Ciwas Tahos]. Published by the University of California. 2022

Press [English]

A song of heavy weight, a line that does not break – A Reflection on Identity. Pancouver, Vancouver, Canada. Apr 7 2023. Author: Becky Tu

Art and Resistance in Taiwan.
BBC Radio 4, UK. Mar, 2023

Activating Autonomy Retracing Temahahoi in the Work of Anchi Lin (Ciwas Tahos). White Fungus. 2023. Author: Ron Hanson.

Anchi Lin (Ciwas Tahos) mgluw tuqiy na Temahahoi/找尋迭馬哈霍伊的路徑/Finding Pathways to Temahahoi.  The Art Paper. Apparatus Issue 03, 2022 (p. 34-35). Author: Jo Bragg.

Yapit, Moon(s), and Temahahoi: Episode 6. Island Kaleidoscope - Stories from Islands Podcast by SUAVEART. Oct, 2022

Pathways to Temahahoi. Asia Media Centre. Aug 3, 2022. Author: Ron Hanson.

Keep Queer and Carry On: The Art of Becoming in Taiwan. Art Basel. 2021. Author: River Lin.

Anchi Lin 林安琪: Read Between the Lines Solo Exhibition. 2019

Navigating from the River to the Sea - Interview with Lin Anchi. Art Accrediting. Issue 77, Dec 2017 (p. 104). Author: Tsui Tsai-Shan.

The Past gets Personal in Art Show. Richmond News. Oct 4, 2017. Author: Daisy Xiong

Eternal Return Exhibition. Richmond Art Gallery. 2017

To the Shore: An Artist Emerges. The La Source. Volume 16, Issue 22 - June 14–28, 2016.  Author: Jake Mcgrail.

Nuit Blanche: Independent projects exhibition. Now Toronto News. 2015

Toronto Nuit Blanche. RUTV. 2015

Meet Anchi Lin: Media Artist and Intern for VIVO Education. 2015

Press [中文]

綠島人權藝術季 參展藝術家訪談4|林安琪


未至之城 2021 亞洲藝術雙年展 「在時間與性之外:亞洲科幻酷兒檔案切片」

ACT藝術觀點,春季號 No.85,2021年4月1日出版

Art Plus藝術雜誌,2月/3月 - 93刊期



「第二屆冉而山國際行為藝術節」觀察之一:回到主體的邊陲 回到在地的國際


藝術家專訪|林安琪:掙脫性別框架 尋根同時找出自我 - BANG 雜誌

靜寂的盛典:台灣原住民當代藝術中的性別視鏡 - 島嶼城誌

台灣俚語也能變成藝術創作 台南這個展「言外之意」逗趣 - 自由時報

麻豆總爺駐村藝術家 把台灣俚語變行動藝術 - 聯合新聞網

WAWA Art in the Contemporary Pacific - 專訪藝術家林安琪

自河流航向海的一方 - 專訪藝術家林安琪

南島當代藝術展 傾聽來自南太平洋聲音,中央廣播電台

張恩滿「重如鴻毛」展 - 與旅居溫哥華的藝術家林安琪,MACTV NEWS.

張恩滿「重如鴻毛」展 探討台加原住民議題 - 與旅居溫哥華的藝術家林安琪


Catalogue [English]

Phantasmapolis - 2021 Asia Art Biennale. Archive and Research Project. Beyond Time and Sex: An Opsis of Queer Sci-Fi in Asia. Taiwan. 2021

The 24th Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF 2019). Japan. 2019

Richmond Art Gallery. Richmond, Canada. 2017

Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery. Vancouver, Canada. 2016

Take Care. The Blackwood Issue 1. Produced by The Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto Mississauga. 2017