Pswagi Temahahoi

  • Single-channel HD Video, colour, sound, Sound script, mixed media 39 x 54cm, Photography I, II, III , digital print series 95.5 x 53.17cm (Photographer: Julia Lin Kingham / Project Assistant: Samu Tassi), Ceramic ocarina instrument (design/creation): hand-built from Nantou/Miaoli region sourced yellow clay (set of 12), size and weight variable, 2022

Pswagi Temahahoi》在泰雅族語裡「P」有表示未來之意、「S」則是工具格的字根,「Wagi」是太陽的意思,當他們合起來「Pswagi」就隱含著透過光作為工具,而因為該字有未來式,所以它是一個準備利用「光影」作為工具和即將發生的事情,Temahahoi (女人社) 為帶有酷兒特質的泰雅族群極少被提起的口述故事。此次創作透過田野紀實紀錄影像與行為藝術表演,混合交織形成一件錄像裝置作品,其中還有包括自製的陶笛以及樂譜作為行為表演的一部分,紀實影像中跟隨著泰雅族耆老 Yumin pswagi「光影」知識技術去尋找野生蜂蜜的位置,如此收尋的過程在作品裡再次被轉換成去尋找已經被遺忘的 Temahahoi 的路徑,作品中出現的自製陶製樂器作為招喚 Temahahoi 的聲譜,試圖重新尋找一個沒有具體座標 Temahahoi 的位置。Pswagi Temahahoi》延續先前的《她可能來至__社》的創作脈絡,口述故事 Temahahoi(女人社),透過創作再次被詮釋與開拓女性和酷兒身體的空間可能性,與此同時預言似地交錯回應環境議題與安靜無聲的酷兒身體之關係、隱喻似地連結氣候危機下的蜜蜂減少與邊緣族群的消失
Pswagi Temahahoi is part of the ongoing body of work Finding Pathways to Temahahoi. Exploring the further possibility of the space of Temahahoi by combining documentary video work alongside visual and sound performance to weave together a hybrid video installation piece. In Atayal language, ‘P’ is the future tense while ‘S’ is the instrumental case which indicates a tangible or intangible tool and ‘wagi’ means sun. The documentary thread follows the path taken by Atayal Elder Yumin, who uses a technique named ‘pswagi’, which utilises the Indigenous knowledge of sunlight and shade, to trace the locations of wild bees. Alongside, a performance piece with a self-invented and assembled ceramic instrument as a way to relocate the space of Temahahoi through sound. The work Pswagi Temahahoi is a continuation of the previous artwork, Perhaps She Comes From/To_Alang, which addresses the possibility of re-interpreting and opening up the space of Temahahoi for women’s bodies and queer bodies. Perhaps She Comes From/To_Alang engages with environmental issues related to the climate crisis, particularly the plight of bees, by metaphorically intertwining the close relationship between the imbalanced natural ecology and the quiet voices of queer bodies.