The Mask (Tattoo on Faces) 紋面

  • Single-channel HD Video, colour, duration 5 min 07 sec (looped), 2014
"Lin attempts to navigate through the terrain of a synthetic materials producing patriarchy, with her make-do facial tattoo, which is overtly silencing. She can not speak. Lin`s work articulates the futility of attempting to recapture the power and respect once yielded by women in her ancestors`villages.” Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, 2014.

This performance piece acknowledges Atayal women ancestors whose faces were traditionally tattooed. Ciwas begins by sticking transparent tape on her face and drawing freehand from memory the patterns of facial tattoos traditionally given to young girls in Atayal culture pre-colonisation. However, the tape seals Ciwas's mouth, a symbol of a muffled voice in the reality she experiences. The subtitles tell a story, an anonymous description, muted in silence. 

Video stills, 2014