To the Shore 海岸

  • Single-channel HD Video, colour, duration 03 min 41 secs (looped), Straw broom, audience instruction A4 white paper, black ink, x2 studio floor lamp, 2015

Video stills, 2015
Lin’s piece is a video performance using a broom to create the sound of the ocean, attempting to make the seemingly mundane activity of sweeping something that could be described as almost beautiful” (McGrail, 2016).

This work is about connecting to my poetic sense by making a direct action. The action you see is clear, but what’s in your mind changes it. It’s how you perceive the action that makes it what it is. This work explores the notion of immigration across oceans and heteronormative domestic routines. This piece seeks to challenge the seemed ‘trapped-ness’ and displacement of the house sweeper or migrant without the status of permanence. The performance installation piece consists of a video projection of Lin sweeping, a broom, a sheet of paper and a studio lamps arranged in such a way as to create the interactive space and sense of privacy. The broom serves as an instrument for producing a meditative action and sound, transporting the sweeper to the shore. 

Installation view, 2015