Rehearsing with hiṟing

Concept and Artistic Direction: Anchi Lin [Ciwas Tahos] / Sound Design and Installation: Yuli Hsiao / Performance: Anchi Lin [Ciwas Tahos] and Temi Nokan / Project assistant: Julia Lin Kingham

  • 57 min live performance. Experimental Theatre, National Theater. Taipei, Taiwan, 22 Mar 2022

Rehearsing with hiṟing follows from Perhaps She Comes From/To_Alang which is inspired by the story of Temahahoi a place where only women and gender non-conforming people live and could communicate with bees. Shifting from the past to a future imagined scenario in 2057, the people of Temahahoi no longer have the ability to communicate with bees as they are becoming extinct. This work explores how the Temahahoi people might communicate with bees again.

Photography by You-Wei Chen, 2022