The Mask Series II
紋面 系列二

Performance: 24th Nippon International Performance Art Festival, Theater Karakuri Studio, Osaka, Japan. March 16th, 2019

Exhibited: Silent Carnival. Taoyuan City Indigenous Culture Centre. Taoyuan, Taiwan, 2021
  • Letter paper, black ink, 25 x 17.4cm

This live performance and photography series is a continuation of The Mask (Tattoo on Faces). Ciwas placed the writing papers one by one on the floor to form a straight line, then used the ink pen to draw a line from the top to the bottom repeating this action. In Ciwas’s words: My feet kicked and separated each paper, the previous straight line immediately became unorderly. I used the ink pen to draw a line on the paper again, but this time the line went outside of the paper to the floor, then I drew a certain section of Atayal women's face tattoo, I put my forehead instantly to the drawing in order to have the ink imprinted on my forehead. I went to a different paper and continued to compose a different part of the face tattoo. Eventually, I have a seemingly broken Atayal face tattoo on my face. Following this, I stepped around between papers, then I drew a line once again on the paper. Next, the ink went to the blood vessels on my limbs. Subsequently, I traced my vessels, then I stood up with traced legs, walked between papers again, collected them in my hands, placed them into a line again. The writing paper and ink pen are the recording tools for the colonisers, while the Indigenous Taiwanese have oral history passed down across generations.

Photography by Chiming Tseng 曾啓明, 2019