Tides in the Body

Group show:  Tides in the Body. Solid Art Gallery. Taipei, Taiwan. May – Jul 2022 (featuring Pswagi TemahahoiThe Land in the Middle of the Pond)

Pswagi Temahahoi, to be concurrently exhibited at Documenta 15 in Kassel and Indonesia. The work explores the mythical place of the Temahahoi woman-only tribe where women are able to become impregnated by the wind and can talk with bees. The artist walks upstream of the reservoir, attempting to trace and record the path of the bees in the gap of light between the mountains’ shadows. Here, tree holes and ocarina become feminine yin spaces for injecting thoughts and imaginations, protecting and storing the unfinished, yet-to-come possibilities of disappearance, remembrance, and belonging.” Tides in the Body Curator Wu Hung-Fei, 2022