Unwanted Exchange

Solo show: Fogstand Gallery & Studio. Hualien, Taiwan. Mar 3 – Apr 30 2021 (featuring Unwanted ExchangeRaw <-> Ripened <-> Happiness)

Photos by Jing-Yi Li and Julia Lin Kingham

A number of stereotypes and problematic phrases subtly exist everywhere beyond any region or country. Phrases manifesting stereotypes at indigenous queer gender non-conforming bodies are generated as if forming a set of colonial thinking algorithms to serve the homogeneous – non-marginalized people. This colonial viewing system is nuanced, microaggressions pervade society slipping off tongues unabated, perpetuating the colonial perspective and stamping out ‘the other.’ Unconscious bias disseminates a romanticized idea: their difference, their body, their cultural perspective. Indigenous bodies operating within this system, become a touristed body or romanticized body. History and knowledge are narrated by marks, society is structured by engraving and stamping. These actions stamp out non-materialized oral-based indigenous knowledge and histories. Unwanted Exchange solo exhibition by Anchi Lin [Ciwas Tahos] contemplates the relationship between the ‘engraving & stamping’ culture and the marginalized body – a continuation of concepts explored in previous performances and the Raw <-> Ripened <-> Happiness piece.