Read Between the Lines 

Solo show: Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Centre, Madou, Tainan, Taiwan. Jul 4 – Aug 25 2019 This exhibition is dedicated to my late father, Zhòng Zhì Lin in memory and love

Work exhibited:

大水,袂流得石舂臼 Big Waves Can't Wash Away Stone Mortar and Pestle
一粒米、三桶水 One Rice Takes Three Buckets of Water
過時賣日曆 Expired Calendars for Sale
破鼓好救月 A Broken Drum Saves the Moon 

漂走的時間 Time is Flowing Away

Photography by Da Pu and Julia Lin Kingham
Supported by the Cultural Affairs Bureau Tainan City Government, Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Center此展覽獻給我已故的父親 林重志

Many Taiwanese idioms, spoken in the Taiwanese language (Holo or Taiwanese Hokkien language) are unknown by the younger Taiwanese generation, who are increasingly less able to communicate fluently with elders sharing these casually communicated idioms. The idioms combine visual narratives, history, and action. These qualities and my connection to the language as a child through my Ama and father inspired me to collect local idioms during my residency. I then incorporated the method of ‘literal translation’ to imaginary visuals through performance. For example, the idiom ‘One grain of rice takes three buckets of water’ suggests excessive use of resources to produce something we regularly waste; consequently, I extended this concept to my practice by sourcing only existing used materials to reuse in the creation of my pieces. I combine video, performance, and installation to re-interpret my relationship with the idioms. This exhibition reflects my generation’s disconnection with knowledge from the past, and growing awareness of waste; culminating in an overarching theme of reuse and reflection.